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As per the connoisseurs of the Financial Market the next bright star on horizon of the Indian Financial Market is the commodities trading. The analysts are expecting a huge and explosive growth in the Indian Commodities markets. The next big wave of reforms and restructuring has already been initiated.

India being predominantly an agricultural economy, contributing 20% to the GDP, with more than 57% of the total population engaged in agricultural activities, the importance of the commodities market cannot be emphasized more.

This is Ezeetrade's endeavor to provide the investors interested in trading in the commodities, some insight in to the commodities market scenario in India. In addition to this, an effort has been made to provide relevant information about certain parameters of the commodities market.

Some of the commodities being traded in the major commodities exchanges of India viz. NCDX, MCX, NMCE are as follows:
  • Bullion : Chandi 30Kg , Gold , Gold 100 Gms ,
  • Cereals : Barley JPR , Basmati Rice , Ind.Parboil ,
  • Energy : ATF MUM , Brent Crude , Crude Oil ,
  • Fibre : Cotton Long , Cotton Mediu , Cotton Short ,
  • FUT : 02-07-2007 , 30-11-2007 , ,
  • Metal : Aluminium , Aluminium In , Aluminium MU ,
  • Oil and Oil Seeds : Castor Oil , Castor Seed , Castor Seeds ,
  • Others : Guar Gum , Guar Seeds , Guargum BND ,
  • Petro-chemicals : HDPE (HM) , Linear LDP M , Polypropylen ,
  • Plantations : Arabica Coff , Arecanut Jah , Cashew Kerne ,
  • Pulses : Chana , Masoor Grain , Masoor IDR ,
  • Spices : Cardamom VAN , Chilli , Chilli (Paal ,
  • Weather : CC-CER MUM , , ,
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