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DipositoryAs a SEBI registered depository participant of CDSL we provide the facility to open a Demat / Depository Account on CDSL. Demat Account / Depository Account is an Electronic Account similar to a Bank Account, which an investor opens & maintains with the Depository Participant for holding the stocks / securities in an electronic form. It is the investor who is the absolute owner and continues to enjoy the same privileges which he/she possesses as if the securities / stocks were in the Physical mode (Paper Certificate).

The advantages of having your securities/stocks in the electronic form i.e in the Demat form are immense as compared to possessing Physical certificates. There in no fear of loss / theft of certificates. Stocks / Securities being held in the electronic form can be transferred very conveniently.

You can also avail the internet based facilities like "easy" / "easiest" for operating your Demat Account . "easi" facility allows the client to view the securities holdings, transactions on web along with the facility to transfer the securities to a demat account of pre-designated broker(s) . On other hand the "easiest" facility provides better flexibility by allowing you to transfer securities in Off Market / On Market / Intra depository modes through Internet.

Please feel free to contact us for your depository/Demat account opening needs/queries:

The Depository Services Manager
Mr. Sarit Kumar

Email: info@ezeetrade.com, info@efs.co.in
Mobile : 98-112-13637 (Hutch)
Board Nos: +91-11-47518018
Fax: +91-11-47518019

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